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Rules and Regulations

First Issues Collectors Club provides a number of services to our members. These services are necessarily governed by certain rules. You will find the rules, or links to them, on this page.

A mail auction of member supplied material is held on a regular basis. The rules governing these auctions are found on the main auction page.

Want lists are a member to member service that simply consist of the club being a contact point. The club enables a member to make a want list public, but all other communication is done between the want list poster and the responder, without responsibility or liability for the club. The want lists are posted on our forum on a dedicated Want List board. The rules governing the want list service can be found on the Want List Rules page.

The club itself is governed by rules! They are called by-laws and are a must read.

FICC members are expected to abide by the American Philatelic Society's Code of Ethics .

You are invited to apply for membership, contact us for more information or view the clubs by-laws.

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