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Brunswick (Braunschweig)

1st January 1852

German State 8

Bruns 1-3
  Brunswick 1-3  

Imperforate, unwatermark, typographed.
Printed by J.H.Meyer, Brunswick

Description Scott SG Mi Y&T
1 silbergroschen rose 1 1    
2 sgr blue 2 2    
3 sgr vermillion 3 3    


All three denominations of the first issue are expensive with mint copies in four figures and used in three figures. The same design was used until 1864 with the addition of a lower denomination, fractional issue in 1857 (Sc12a, SG12) that could be divided to provide subsidiary values and thus stamps of diminutive size to rival Mecklenburg-Schwerin's #1.
Brunswick joined the North German Confederation at the end of 1867 and ceased to issue its own stamps.

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