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FICC Stamp Auctions

Auctioneer: Tim Balm  

Go to: Auction 107 bids closed 31st May 2021
Auction 106 bids closed 28th February 2021
  Auction 105 bids closed 30th November 2020
Auction 104 bids closed 31st August 2020
  Auction 103 bids closed 31st May 2020
Auction 102 bids closed 29th February 2020
  Auction 101 bids closed 30th November 2019
  Auction 100 bids closed 31st August 2019
  Auction 99 bids closed 30th June 2019
  Auction 98 sale closed 28th February 2019
  Auction 97, unsold lots sale closed 1st May 2019
  Auction 97 bids closed 30th November 2018
Auction 96 bids closed 30th September 2018
  Auction 95 bids closed 31st August 2018
    Auction 94 bids closed 31st May 2018
    Auction 93 bids closed 28th February 2018
    Auction 92 bids closed 31st October 2017
    Auction 91 bids closed 31st July 2017
    Auction 90 bids closed 31st May 2017
    Auction 89 bids closed 31st January 2017
    Auction 88 bids closed 31st October 2016
    Auction 87 bids closed 31st July 2016

The auction is open to FICC members only, both buyers and sellers.
Please submit your FICC # when submitting lots and when bidding.

We will have an auction each issue unless we receive fewer than 50 lots by the deadline. Please send singles, sets, FDCs and covers related to first issues - basically anything you think other FICC members would be interested in owning. Drop the Auction Manager a note if you have any suggestions for improving the auction. 

The Auction Rules are published with each auction listing. The following is a recent extract:


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