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Tuesday, November 1, 1853

Australian State 3

  Tasmania Scott #1  

Imperforate, no watermark, engraved.
Printed by ???.

Description     Scott SG Mi Y&T
November 1, 1853
1 penny blue
    1 1-4    
4 pence red orange
    2 5-12    

First settled in 1803 as a penal colony, Van Diemen's became a separate colony in 1825 after having been administered by New South Wales. The first post office markings known are from September 1822, the earliest in Australia. A post office act of October 4, 1828 called for a post office in the capital Hobart, appointment of a postmaster, fixed rates and the delivery of mail, but it was not put in effect until 1832. By 1835 there were 30 post office employees and delivery of mail twice a week over 434 miles of post road.

Van Diemen's Land was renamed Tasmania in August 1853, but stamps had already been ordered, and it wasn't until the issue of January 1858 that the name Tasmania was used on stamps, Scott #14-16, S.G. #40 to 49 including varieties.

There are 24 types, four rows of six, of each stamp.

Pen or revenue cancels are valued much less than postally used copies. S.G. prices are substantially higher than Scott.

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Image from David Olson.

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