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Canton Basel, Switzerland

Tuesday, July 1, 1845

Swiss Canton 3  

  Canton Basel Scott #3L1  

Imperforate, no watermark, typographed.
Printed by Krebs in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Description   # issued Scott SG Mi Y&T
July 1, 1845
2½ rappen black, crimson and blue
  41,480 3L1      

This is the only stamp ever issued by Canton Basel - and the world's first tri-colored issue! The dove in the center is embossed.

These stamps were printed in sheets of 40 - 5 rows of 8 stamps each.

Proofs was made but never issued in black, vermilion and green.

The Basel Doves were valid until September 30, 1854.

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Image from James Mackay, The World of Classic Stamps, 1972.

FI ref: 6 Page credit: JA

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