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Sunday, December 1, 1850

German State 5

  Hanover Scott #1  

Imperforate, watermark square frame, typographed.
Printed by ???.


Description Paper color Watermark     Scott SG Mi Y&T
December 1, 1850
1 Gute Groschen black
Gray blue
Square frame
1851 - 1855
1 Gute Groschen black
Gray green
Wrath of Oak leaves

Full margins on these stamps are 1mm, relatively wide compared to other early imperforates.

The first issue distinguishes itself by having red gum (in mint condition...). The reason for the colored gum was so the printer would know which side of the paper to print on! Green-tinted gum was used by Great Britain in 1854 for the six pence embossed stamp (Scott #7) for the same reason.

The second issue can be distinguished by the color of the paper and by the fact that it has a watermark of "Wrath of Oak leaves".

Hanover (Hannover in German) was a province of Prussia with around 1.8 million inhabitants around 1850. The area surrounds Oldenburg, Braunschweig and Bremen, other stamp issuing entities in the German area.

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Image from David Olson.

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