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Wednesday, January 1, 1851

  Italian State 1

  Sardinia #1  

Imperforate, colored machine-made paper, no watermark, lithography.
Printed by Francesco Matraire of Turin.

Description # printed Scott #
5 centesimi gray black
< 250,000 1
20 centesimi blue
< 900,000 2
40 centesimi rose
< 90,000 3

All issue quantities are approximate.

The first issue was valid until September 30, 1853. Sardinian stamps were used by other Italian states between the time they joined the unified Italy and February 24, 1862, when the first stamps of Italy were issued.

Obviously you'd want to visit Regno di Sardegna if you want to know more about Sardinian stamps. It is in Italian.
Much more information is available in both Italian and English at Antichi Stati Italiani.

Image from David Olson.

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