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November 1920

Middle East 5

  #1 xxx

The overprint reads "East of Jordan".

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Palestine overprints
1 milliemme dark brown   1 1      
other values 2m to 20 piastres   2-11 1-19      

Independent Kingdon
1946 Sc221 SG249

The stamps are either perf 14 of perf 15x14. Gibbons has SG1-8 as perf 15x14 and SG9-19 as perf 14, while Scott liststhem sequentially by value and designates the perf 14 as Sc#a.

Floyd A. Walker (see Syria) writes, " JORDAN went from being a British Mandate (#1) to a kingdom (#221) and has remained mercifully stable. "

Occupation of Palestine
1948 Sc-N1 SG-P1


Gibbons [1] states, "On the day after the proclamation of the state of Israel on 14 May 1948, Transjordan troops (the Arab Legion) crossed the Jordan into Palestine and, before the armistice of 3 April 1949 were able to take and hold the Old City of Jerusalem [and other areas] … The occupied areas were incorporated into the Kingdom … after which the stamps of Jordan were used]. In the Six Day War … all this territory was lost by Jordan and it has since been administered by Israel.