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German State

1st January 1859

German State 15

  Lübeck Sc1-5  

Imperforate, myostosis flowers watermark, lithographed.
Printed by H.G. Rahtgens, Lübeck

Description     Scott SG Mi Y&T
½ schilling gray lilac     1 1    
1s orange     2 2    
2s brown     3 3    
2½s rose     4 4, 5    
4s green     4 6, 7    


Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Lübeck's stamps is the Zwei Ein Helb error, Sc3a SG3a Mi3F. On every sheet of 100 2s brown stamps, in positions 96 and 97 the text reads 'two and a half' instead of 'two'. The image below is from Stamp-Collecting World where it is credited to Dr. Lawrence Mead, APS, APEX, GPS.

Zwei Ein Helb error

Lübeck joined the North German Confederation in 1868.

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Images from Stampworld and Stamp-Collecting World.

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