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1st November 1861

German State 16

  Bergdorf Sc1 to Sc5  

imperf, no wmk, lithographed
Printed by K. Fuchs, Hamburg

Description   Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T# Notes
½ schilling black, pale lilac   1   1  
½s black, pale blue   1 2 1a 2  
½s black, blue   1a 3 1b 2a 1867
1s black, white   2 4 2 3  
1½s black, yellow   3 5 3 4  
3s blue, pink   4 6 4 5  
3s black, pink     7   6  
4s black, brown   5 8 5 7  

#1 was issued in 1867, the others in 1861.

The corner letters LHPA on the city of Bergedorf’s first issue stand for Lübeck Hamburg Post Anstalt: the two states that jointly owned the city from 1420 until 1867.
The design was similar for all the stamp values (the combined arms of Hamburg, a castle, and Lübeck, an eagle) but, as shown above, the size of each stamp increased with its denomination (as did Mongolia's).

In August 1867 Hamburg bought out Lübeck's rights in Bergedorf and Hamburg's stamps were then used, but only for a few months until the stamps of the North German Confederation were introduced.
Adapted from JM1 [1].

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