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30th January 1920

- Changes of Administration

Plebiscites 3

Saar 1 to 17
  1-17 xxx

perf 14, 14½

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
German stamps overprinted
2 pfennigs grey   1 1 1    
other values 2pf to 1 mark   2-17 2-17 2-17    

In addition to the 17 values there are several variations of font and three bar styles on the overprint, making this a complex issue to document.

Saar SG203
Saar SG377
French Occupation
Return to Germany
1947 Sc155 SG203 1957 Sc262 SG376

Under the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, Saar, previously part of Germany, was administered by the League of Nations until 1935 when a plebiscite would be held. France took ownership of Saar's coal mines during this period. In 1935, Saar voted to return to Germany and used German stamps until 1945.
After WW2, Saar came under French control. At first the general French Zone stamps were used, then from 1947, specific Saar issues.
A referendum in 1955 returned Saar to Germany and dedicated stamps continued to be issued until 1959, from which point West German currency and stamps were again used.

Sources: ScS, SGP7.

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