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Europe 40

surcharge type a
surcharge type b

perf 14x14½, no wmk, wove paper.

Description Surcharge type Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T#  
Surcharges on russian stamps of 1909-12
35 kopecks on 2k dull green a 1 5      
50k on 3k carmine a 2 6      
70k on 1k dull orange a 3 7      
1 ruble on 4k carmine b 4 8      
3r on 7k blue b 5 9      
5r on 14k dark blue b 6 10      

Scott identifies numerous sucharge variants, inverts, doubles etc.
Gibbons lists these issues under Russia / Civil Was Issues / Siberia / Govt. of Admiral Kolchak. Said Admiral, " assumed power as the "Supreme Ruler " in Siberia [in] November 1918. After the capture of Omsk by the Bolshevists, he resigned [in] January 1920 ". Gibbons lists some imperfs first (SG1-4, Sc7-10), then the 14x14½ perfs, again with surcharge variants.

Thereafter, Scott has a section of Priamur Govt. Issues (Siberia Sc51-118) that Gibbons lists as Russian Civil War Issues / Priamur and Maritime Provinces: Anti Bolshevist Govt (SG61-126).

Sources: ScC, SGP10.

Images from David Olson.

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