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Europe 51

  1939 Slovakia Sc2 SG2 1939 Sc26 SG25  

Description   Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T#  
Overprints on Czechoslovakian stamps "Slovenský štát"
5 halierov deep blue   2 2      
other values   3-25 3-24      

Both Scott and Gibbons begin with #2. Gibbons notes that the #1 was reassigned to Czechoslovakia as SG393b. Scott does not explain.

Slovakia's first dedicated stamp was Sc26, SG25, also shown above.

During WW2 a "puppet state of Slovakia was set up under German auspices" [1] . At the end of the was it became part of Czechoslovakia again.

  Europe 51a  

Slov150 & 151
1993 Sc150-51 SG145-46

Changes of Administration

In 1993 Czechoslovakia again split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Sc151 was issued on 1st January 1993, Sc150 on 2nd January.

Sources: ScC, SGP5, SYB [1].

Images from David Olson, ebay.

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