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Want List Rules

The rules are copied directly from the old site. They will have to be reconsidered in the rebuild as the Forum is no longer active.

First Issues Collectors Club provides a point of contact for the benefit of members who seek specific stamps or other philatelic material for their collections. The rules for using this service are listed below.

  1. Only FICC members may post a want list of items related to collecting #1s or first issues. The list may not contain more than 25 items. The want list poster must use the address in the post, or none at all, as the contact information. The response will be forwarded to the original poster as a security precaution.
  2. You create a want list by starting a new topic.
  3. Any list placed on the board by a non-member of the club may be deleted by the board moderators at their discretion.
  4. Any lists containing more than 25 items may be deleted by the board moderators at their discretion. If a second list is posted by the same person, it may be deleted by the board moderators at their discretion.
  5. Responses to the want lists should be done using the e-mail address The responder must provide the subject of the original post and the user name of the poster in the response. All responses to wants lists that are posted to the board may be deleted at the discretion of the board moderators.
  6. It is the responsibility of the poster of the want list to modify the list as they obtain items on the list. Alternatively, a member may post a subsequent want list and the board moderators will delete the previous posting by that member.
  7. The club has absolutely no involvement or liability in these transactions!!!! Any transaction is between the want list poster and the potential responders.
  8. Know your risk. Recognize that this web site will be viewed by people who are not club members. Some of them will be trustworthy, some will not.
  9. The board moderators may remove any items that they deem inappropriate for any reason.

FICC members are expected to abide by the American Philatelic Society's Code of Ethics .

You are invited to apply for membershipcontact us for more information or view the clubs by-laws.

Page created 17 Nov 2015 Page updated 3 Dec 2015