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The First Issues Collectors Club promotes the collection of and research on the first postage stamp issued by any nation, province, city, army or other entity.

This is a rewrite of the original FICC site. Click the Old and New links in the header menu to switch between the two versions. Latest update - web site notes.

Check out the FICC exhibit at the World Philatelic Exhibition 2006

This series of pages is FICC' s central purpose: documenting all the first issues. The catalog entries link to pages giving further details.

An additional listing system by category, for example South America or Portuguese Colonies.

Journal - This is published quarterly. Here is a recent example and here is an index for all issues.

Forums - Recenty reinvigorated

Pieces too long for the Journal are published in part on paper and then shown in full on the web site.

We aim to have an auction of first issue related philatelic material every quarter. The auction is for members only. The latest auction can now be seen on these pages.

A founder member of FICC, the late David Olson, maintained a site that helped in identifying genuine and forged first issues. A new (May 2017) companion site,, has been developed, initially based on David's data, and to be expanded over time.

Starting a collection
Describes some of the different approaches to collecting first issues.

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