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The 'Issue' column is encoded as:
v for volume, n for number and p for page. For example, v8n3p4 means volume 8, number 3 page 4.

In the original version of the site the Index only covered issues of the Journal to 2004. This has now been updated to the current issue. The additions are denoted by an asterisk in the last column [Nick B, April 2016]

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Subject Title Author Year Issue  
Abkhazia Abkhazia Buchi, Clark 1994 v4n6p3  
Afghanistan Afghanistan #2 Buchi, Clark 1994 v4n4p2  
Afghanistan Type I and Type II of Afghanistan's First Issued Stamps Balm, Tim 2012 v20n3p8 *
Afghanistan New #1 for Afghanistan Listed in 2016 Scott Catalogues Balm, Tim 2015 v23n4p3 *
Afghanistan Featured Auction Lots - Afghanistan #1 Auction Manager 2016 v24n4p5 *
Albania Albania #1 Buchi, Clark 1993 v3n5p5  
Albania Albania's First Issues reflect struggle Walker, Floyd 1998 v7n1p7  
Albania Forgery Recent Acquisition Sylvester, Bob 1999 v8n2p5  
Alexandretta and Hatay Question. Where are Alex. & Hatay Walker, Floyd 1998 v6n6p4  
Americas Exhibit - The First Issue Postal History of the Americas, full exhibit here Omdahl, Jeff 2016 v24n3p7 *
Annam and Tonkin The Overprint Varieties of A&T Sc#1 Balm, Tim 2005 v13n2p8 *
Andorra Andorra: one country and two ... Walker, Floyd 1997 v6n3p5  
Andorra Andorra - Forgeries of the First Issues Sylvester, Bob 2007 v15n2p7 *
Andorra, Spanish Interesting Cover with Spanish Andorra Sc#3-4 Balm, Tim 2013 v21n4p6 *
Argentina Argentina #1 Olson, David 1993 v3n4p1  
Argentina The First postage Stamps of Argentina and Its Provinces Andersen, Jesper 2005 v13n1p10 *
Argentina The "Almost #1" of Argentina Larkey, Dave 2011 v19n1p5 *
Argentina The Type and Varieties of Argentina #1 Weirich, Jerry 2016 v24n3p3 *
Australia The Birth of Australia Andersen, Jesper 2004 v12n1p3  
Austria Austria #N1-N19 Olson, David 1990 v1n2p5,n3p2  
Austria Austria's First Issue Vazquez, Rodolfo 2005 v13n4p5 *
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan #1: even the cheapest... Walker, Floyd 1999 v7n5p3,5  
Azerbaijan The light and dark paper varieties of Azerbaijan' s first stamps Balm, Tim 2017 v25n2p6 *
The Azores The Azores Laflamme, Louis 2009 v17n2p4 *
Bangladesh Interesting Covers Balm, Tim 2000 v8n6p9  
Bangkok Forgeries of Bangkok #1 Balm, Tim 2011 v19n4p6 *
Batum Beware of Batum: Fakes are plentiful Walker, Floyd 1998 v7n2p5  
Batum Batum #1 - Revisited Balm, Tim 2012 v20n3p6 *
Bavaria Bavaria #1 Buchi, Clark 1991 v2n2p6  
Bechuanaland Prot. Bechuanaland Protectorate Buchi, Clark 1990 v1n3p2,n4p2  
Bechuanaland Prot. Confusing First Issues of B.P. Sylvester, Bob 1998 v7n1p3  
Bechuanaland Prot. The First Issued Stamp of B.P. editorial 2005 v13n1p5, n4p10 *
Benin Benin #1 Buchi, Clark 1994 v4n6p4  
Benin Benin and Dahomey Sylvester, Bob 2005 v13n2p4 *
Bergedorf Does Size Make a Difference? Sylvester, Bob 1999 v8n1p5  
Bhutan The First Issues of Bhutan Louie, Robert 1999 v8n2p3  
Biafra Interesting Covers Balm, Tim 2000 v8n6p8  
Biafra New Scott #1 - Biafra Balm, Tim 2012 v20n3p8 *
Bijawar A variation in the Bijawar #1 Paper Color Balm, Tim 2016 v24n2p8 *
Bolivia First Issue of Bolivia Bunce, Art 1995 v5n3p4  
Bolivia The First Issue of Bolivia Bunce, Art 1997 v5n5p3  
Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina Clark, Fred 1991 v2n1p3  
Brazil ...tell the real Brazil #1 from fakes Sylvester, Bob 1997 v6n1p1  
Bremen The First Issue of Bremen Sylvester, Bob 2005 v13n1p3 *
British Central Africa Watermark is only the first question Olson, Dave 1998 v7n1p2  
British Columbia The First Issues of British Columbia and Vancouver Island Laflamme, Louis 2006 v14n2p4, n3p6, n4p7 *
British Guiana A Stamp Rarity on Public Display Balm, Tim 2015 v23n3p4 *
British Honduras British Honduras, One Penny Blue Sylvester, Bob 2000 v8n3p4  
British Indian Ocean Territory Stamps of the B.I.O.T. (plus Seychelles ZES) Balm, Tim 2007 v15n1p7 *
Brunswick German States: Brunswick #1 Sylvester, Bob 1997 v6n4p3  
Buenos Aires The First Issues of Buenos Aires Laflamme, Louis 2014 v22n1p3, n2p3 *
Bulgaria Bulgaria Imposter Olson, David 1995 v5n2p5  
Bulgaria Bulgaria, a Yawner Country? Sylvester, Bob 1999 v8n1p5  
Burma Forgeries of the Japanese Occupation "Yano Seal" Stamp of Burma Louie, Robert 2008 v16n2p6 *
Cameroons, Cameroun Kamerun, Cameroun, Cameroons Laflamme, Louis 2013 v21n1p3 *
Canada Canadian Airmail Semi-Officials First Issues Laflamme, Louis 2006 v14n4p5 *
Canada, Dominion The Dominion of Canada's First Issue Laflamme, Louis 2007 v15n1p5 *
Canada, Dominion A Recent Discovery - 3rd Copy of Canada's Rarest Stamp Laflamme, Louis 2013 v21n4p5 *
Canada Province The First Issue of the Province of Canada Laflamme, Louis 2006 v14n1p4 *
Canouan New #1s - Canouan and Mustique Islands editorial 2004 v12n4p6 *
Caribbean Postal History of the Caribbean Andersen, Jesper 2004 v12n2p5, v12n3p3, v12n4p8 *
Caribbean Netherlands Caribbean Netherlands, Curacao and St. Martin #1s for Sale Balm, Tim 2011 v19n3p5, n4p5 *
Carpatho-Ukraine The Stamp from the Country that Lasted Just One Day Talbot, Paul 2015 v23n2p4 *
Castellorizo One Stamp...tell story of...Castellorizo Walker, Floyd 1997 v6n2p2  
Ceylon Ceylon Buchi, Clark 1994 v4n1p6  
Ceylon The First Issues of Ceylon - Sri Lanka Sylvester, Bob 2005 v13n3p3 *
Channel Islands The Channel Island ...look at history Mayer, Arthur 1998 v6n6p8  
Chechnya Chechnya Buchi, Clark 1994 v4n6p2  
Chile Chile #1 Buchi, Clark 1994 v4n5p1  
Christmas Island First Issues of Christmas Isls Walker, Floyd 1996 v5n4p3  
Cochin China & Senegal Can You Identify These First Issues? Sylvester, Bob 2000 v8n4p9  
Colombia and Colombian States The First Issues of Colombia and Colombian States Nadel, Martin 2010 v18n1p7, n2p7 *
Confederate States Forgeries of the Confederate States of America First Issue Louie, Robert 2008 v16n1p5 *
Cook Islands Cook Islands First Issue Sylvester, Bob 1995 v5n2p4  
Cook Islands (Aitutaki, Penrhyn) The Modest Captain Cook & his... Walker, Floyd 1998 v7n3p8  
Cook Islands My favorite first issue Andersen, Jesper 2003 v11n2p1  
Costa Rica Costa Rica Invert Olson, David 1995 v5n2p2  
Costa Rica Fakes of Costa Rica #1 ... Sylvester, Bob 1999 v7n6p1  
Costa Rica Costa Rica's First issues Wagner, Bill 2012 v20n1p5 *
Crete Crete #1 Forgery Balm, Tim 2011 v19n2p6 *
Curacao Caribbean Netherlands, Curacao and St. Martin #1s for Sale Balm, Tim 2011 v19n3p5, n4p5 *
Czechoslovak Legion What Was the Czechoslovak Legion? Olson, Dave 1997 v6n3p1  
Czechoslovak Legion Czechoslovak Legion Post Sc#1 and 1a Now Reversed Balm, Tim 2007 v15p3p3  
Czechoslovak Legion The Six Plate Varieties of Czechoslovak Legion Post Sc#1 Balm, Tim 2015 v23n1p6  
Czechoslovakia Obituary Buchi, Clark 1993 v3n4p4  
Dahomey Benin and Dahomey Sylvester, Bob 2005 v13n2p4 *
Dalmatia Questions About Dalmatia #1 Olson, David 1990 v1n1p8,n2p5,n3p2  
Danish West Indies Postal History of the Caribbean Pt.3 Andersen, Jesper 2004 v12n4p8 *
Danube SNC Stamps of the Danube Steam Navigation Co. (DDSG) Balm, Tim 2009 v17n3p3, n4p7 *
Danzig Danzig verses Gdansk Balm, Tim 2011 v19n2p7 *
Denmark Denmark's #1 Isn't Sylvester, Bob 1997 v6n2p5  
Denmark Recent Acquisition: Denmark #1 Sylvester, Bob 2000 v8n3p6  
Denmark Scott #2: The first postage stamp of Denmark Andersen, Jesper 2003 v11n3p9  
Dhar The First Issues of Dhar Jaiswal, Sendeep 2016 v24n2p4+ *
Dhar Dhat Follow-up, Plating the Dhar Stamps in my Album Balm, Tim 2016 v24n2p8 *
Djibouti Africa and the Djibouti Connection Walker, Floyd 2002 v10n3p1  
Dominica Dominica, One Penny Violet Issues Sylvester, Bob 1999 v8n2p4  
Dominican Republic The First Issue of the Dominican Republic Laflamme, Louis 2010 v18n1p5 *
East Timor UN Peacekeeping: UNTAET Stamps East Timor Balm, Tim 2002 v10n3p9  
Egypt Egypt"s First Stamps Vazquez, Rodolpho 2009 v17n1p4 *
England England #1 - GB has a new regional Balm, Tim 2004 v12n1p10  
Epirus Skull and Crossbones Olson, David 1995 v5n1p8  
Equatorial Guinea The First Issues of Equatorial Guinea (and Former Colonies) Sylvester, Bob 2005 v13n4p3 *
Estonia Estonia #N1 Zybert, George 2002 v10n2p9  
Estonia Provisional Cancellations of Estonia #1 Zybert, George 2011 v19n3p6 *
Ethiopia Cover with Two #1s: Italian East Africa Sc#1, Ethiopia Sc#N1 Balm, Tim 2008 v16n4p8  
Ethiopia Cover with Ethiopia Sc#247-49 Balm, Tim 2009 v17n1p5 *
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands #1 Sylvester, Bob 1995 v5n1p5  
Faroe Islands The Three First Issues of the Faroe Islands Balm, Tim 2006 v14n1p8 *
Finland Finland's First Stamps Vazquez, Rodolfo 2005 v13n3p4 *
France France has isued two official stamps Walker, Floyd 1999 v7n5p6  
France France was first with postage due... Walker, Floyd 1997 v6n3p7  
France Identifying Sc#1, 6 and 7 in France's First Issue Napoleon 2004 v12n4p3 *
France The First Issues of France Laflamme, Louis 2016 v24n4p3 *
French Antilles The first stamps of the French Antilles Sylvester, Bob 2003 v11n4p9  
French Colonies French Colony Forgery Louie, Bob 2000 v9n1p4  
French Colonies The French Colonies: From the General to the Specific (1859-1892) Laflamme, Louis 2007 v15n2p6 *
French Colonies The French in the Far East Laflamme, Louis 2011 v19n1p6 *
French Congo Overprint/Surcharge Details for French Congo First issues Balm, Tim 2005 v13n3p6 *
French Equatorial Africa What Went Together and Came Apart Sylvester, Bob 1999 v8n1p4  
French Equatorial Africa The First Issue of French Equatorial Africa and its Constituents Laflamme, Louis 2007 v15n3p7 *
French Guiana The First Issue of French Guiana Sylvester, Bob 2004 v12n4p10 *
French Offices in Turkey #1a's for for French Offices in Turkey Now Listed in 2016 Scott Catalogues Balm, Tim 2015 v23n4p3 *
French West Africa French West Africa Laflamme, Louis 2008 v16n4p6 *
Funchal Madeira and Funchal Sylvester, Bob 2008 v16n1p4 *
Galapagos The Galapagos: they had stamps... Walker, Floyd 1998 v7n3p6  
Gambia Gambia #1 Revisited: Eight clues... Sylvester, Bob 1998 v6n6p3  
Gambia If it has a watermark, it isn't Gambia #1 Sylvester, Bob 1997 v5n5p1  
Gdansk Danzig verses Gdansk Balm, Tim 2011 v19n2p7 *
Georgia Georgia Buchi, Clark 1994 v4n1p4  
Georgia Georgia! Georgia on my mind! Walker, Floyd 1998 v7n2p1  
Georgia New #1 - Georgia Balm, Tim 2014 v22n1p6 *
German Africa The First Issues of German Africa Sylvester, Bob 2006-07 v14n4p6, v15n1p6 *
Germany Germany Update Buchi, Clark 1994 v4n2p3  
Ghana Interesting Ghana Cover with Entire First Issue Balm, Tim 2008 v16n3p3 *
Gold Coast Gold Coast & the One-Penny Blue Sylvester, Bob 2000 v9n1p5  
Great Britain The Penny Black Streepy, Kurt 2001 v9n4p7  
Great Britain Penny Black Folded Letter with First Day Usage in Recent Auction Balm, Tim 2015 v23n4p2 *
Greece New Sc#1 - Greece Regional for Mount Athos editorial 2009 v17n3p11 *
Greenland Greenland charged for parcels, not ... Walker, Floyd 1998 v6n5p5  
Greenland Strange Case of Greenland Buchi, Clark 1994 v4n1p3  
Griqualand West Griqualand West & Its First Issues Sylvester, Bob 1998 v7n3p1  
Guadeloupe The first stamps of the French Antilles Sylvester, Bob 2003 v11n4p9  
Guatemala Forgeries of the One Centavo of 1871 Sylvester, Bob 2000 v8n4p6  
Guatemala Guatemala's First Stamps Vazquez, Rodolfo 2006 v14n1p9 *
Guayana, Venezuela First Issues of the Venezuelan State of Guayana Balm, Tim 2010 v18n4p4 *
Guernsey Guernsey Stamp Used Before #N1 or #1: Sc#238 bisect (SG#465b) Balm, Tim 2009 v17n1p4 *
Gwalior Original Printing of Gwalior #1 Balm, Tim 2011 v19n4p8 *
Hadhramaut [Qu'aiti State in] Hadhramaut Stamps: Change in Government First Issue or Not? Balm, Tim 2015 v23n1p5 *
Hawaii Discovering the Missionaries Streepy, Kurt 2001 v9n4p8  
Hawaii First Issues From Hawaii! Streepy, Kurt 2001 v9n3p5  
Hawaii Hawaii Streepy, Kurt 1992 v3n3p2  
Hawaii Hawaii Update Streepy, Kurt 1994 v4n4p6  
Heligoland First issues of Heligoland Sylvester, Bob 2004 v12n1p11  
Hungary Hungarian First Issue ... Larkey, Sandy 1991 v2n1p9,n2p9  
Hungary The Hungarian First Issue & Its Look-A-likes Larkey, Sandy 2001 v9n3p9  
Hungary Strange Timing and Changing Times Talbot, Paul 2015 v23n2p4 *
Hutt River Hutt River Province Principality Balm, Tim 2010 v18n2p3 *
Hyderabad Hyderabad #1 Isn't the ...First Stamp Walker, Floyd 1998 v7n3p2  
Iceland Iceland #1 History Talbot, Paul 2014 v22n4p6 *
Ile Rouad Ile Rouad #1 editorial 2005 v13n4p10 *
Ile Rouad Ile Rouad - Overprints Occur in Either Direction editorial 2007 v15n1p3 *
India The First Issues of India Walker, Floyd 2003 v11n1p10  
India Forgeries of the Feudatory States of India Louie, Robert 2009+ v17n2p6, n3p7, n4p3, n4p5, v18n1p6, n2p5, n3p5 *
India New Sc#1s - for Indian Feudatory States of Tonk and Kotah Balm, Tim 2010 v18n1p2, n2p4 *
India, Wadhwan The Stamps of Wadhwan - A Detailed Look Balm, Tim 2010 v18n3p6 *
Indo-China Chinese Characters for Indo-China Forerunners Yamazaki, Hideki 2005 v13n3p5 *
Indonesia New Sc#1 - Indonesia editorial 2009 v17n3p11 *
Inini Inini was one of the least desirable... Walker, Floyd 1998 v7n3p3  
Inini The Irony of Inini Balm, Tim 2005 v13n4p4 *
Ionian Islands Rhodesia #1 and Ionian Islands #1 Forgeries Balm, Tim 2015 v23n2p6 *
IPSA The Story of IPSA Balm, Tim 2004 v12n1p7  
Iraq Iraq Walker, Floyd 1998 v6n6p5  
Ireland The First stamp(s) of Ireland Walker, Floyd 1998 v6n6p1  
Israel The First Stamps of Palestine, Jordan and Israel Balm, Tim 2006 v14n4p8 *
Italian East Africa Cover with Two #1s: Italian East Africa Sc#1, Ethiopia Sc#N1 Balm, Tim 2008+ v16n4p8, v19n4p8  
Italy Italy #17 Buchi, Clark 1990 v1n2p5  
Italy Italy #17 Buchi, Clark 1991 v2n3p6  
Italy Italy #17 Buchi, Clark 1995 v5n3p2  

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