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1st July 1870

Portuguese Colony 4

  Angola SG1  

perf 12½, no wmk, typographed
Printed by The Mint, Lisbon

Description   Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T#  
5 reis black   1, 1b 1      
10r pale orange yellow   2, 2a 2      
20r bister   3, 3a 3      
25r red   4 4      
25r rose   4a 4a      
50r green   6, 6a 5      
100r lilac   7a, 7b 6      

The listing is based on the simpler Gibbons catalogue as Scott includes paper and perf variations.
Scott Sc5 is the 40r blue issued in 1877.

Mackay [1] writes about both Angola and St Thomas & Prince Islands, “One cannot blame the Crown Agents and De la Rue for the concept of keytype designs, since Portugal thought of it so much earlier. The series provided for Angola in July 1870 was simple and pleasing, with the Portuguese crown set in a circular Grecian border. The name of the colony appeared at the top and the value across the foot. The same design, in a modified form, was used for the stamps issues by St Thomas and Prince Islands later the same year. Instead of the name across the top there appeared the word CORREIO, and the upper arc of the Grecian border was erased to make way for the name of the colony. This design remained in use for many years and, as other colonies adopted stamps, it was adapted to suit their requirements. Thus Mozambique (1876), Cape Verde Islands (1877), Guinea (1881), Macao (1884), and Timor (1886) were all later to use the crown keytype. ”

See also Portuguese Congo.

Africa 42

11th November 1975

1975 Sc594 SG730


Independence was granted in 1975 as the People’s Republic of Angola, resulting in a stamp of questionable taste.