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Friday, April 4, 1919.

Batum Scott #1
Batum #1

Imperforate, no watermark, lithography.
Printed by ?.

Description # issued Scott #
5 kopek green ? 1
10 kopek ultramarine ? 2
50 kopek yellow ? 3
1 rubel red brown ? 4
3 rubels violet ? 5
5 rubels brown ? 6

All issue quantities are approximate.

These stamps have been forged extensively. The relatively low price is due in part to the abundance of forgeries on the market. Genuine stamps are quite rare, but it is fairly easy to detect a forgery.

The following characteristics only apply to the kopek values. The rubel values have other, much less obvious, differences.

Seven perls instead of six in top row.
Batum Scott #1 genuine perls Batum Scott #1 forgery perls
Genuine, six perls. Forgery, seven perls.

The middle two branches.
Batum Scott #1 genuine trees Batum Scott #1 forgery trees
Genuine, point to the left. Forgery, up or to the right.

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