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20th September 1923

Italian Occupation 4

Corfu 1 to 14
  1-14 xxx

perf 14

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Stamps of Italy 1901-1923 overprinted
5 centesimi green   N1 1      
other values 10c to 1 lira   N2-8 2-8      
Stamps of Italy 1901-1923 surcharged
25 lepta on 10c claret   N9 9      
other values 60l to 4.75 drachma   N10-14 10-14      

Following the murder of an Italian official on the Greek island of Corfu, Italian troops occupied the island from 31st August 1923 until 27th September. There were two sets of overprints, Sc-N1-8 (SG1-8) and SC-N9-14 (SG9-14). Not all the stamps were issued as supplies did not reach the island before the troops had left.

Sources: ScS, SGP3.

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