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2nd December 1918

Italian colony 4

Fiume Sc1
Fiume B16
Allied Occupation
Regime of d'Annunzio
  1918 Sc1 SG6 1919 Sc-B16 SG91 xxx

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Hungarian stamps of 1916 overprinted, white numerals, perf 15
10 filler rose   1 6      
15 f violet   2 8      
Stamps of 1916-18 overprinted, coloured numerals
values 2f - 40f   3-12 1-20      
Stamps of 1916-18 overprinted, white numerals
values 50f - 10 korona   13-20 1-20      
Stamps of 1918 overprinted
values 50f - 10 korona   21-23 21-23      
Regime of d'Annunzio
25 centesimi + 2 corona blue   B16 91      

The treatment of early Fiume by Scott and Gibbons is inconsistent. Both distinguish between overprints on stamps with white and coloured numerals, Scott separates its listing on that basis, while Gibbons runs them together.

Fiume was Hungary's only seaport but the territory was always disputed by Italy and (what would become) Yugoslavia. After WW1,the area was occupied by Allied troops, but while its future was being considered at the Paris Peace Conference, a force led by the poet Gabriele d'Annunzio seized the region. Italian troops took over the occupation in 1920. After several years of dispute, Fiume was awarded to Italy in 1924 under the Treaty of Rome and the stamps of Italy were subsequently used..

Sources: ScC, SGP8.

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