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Wednesday, October 1, 1851

  US Possession 1
  Oceania 1

This links to a YouTube talk on Hawaii by FICC member Kurt Streepy.

  Hawaii #1 Missionary #2 #3 #4  

Imperforate, pelure paper, no watermark, typeset.
Printed by Government Printing Office, Honolulu.

Description # known unused # known used # known on cover Scott #
October 1, 1851, Hawaiian Postage
2¢ blue
1 13 1 1
5¢ blue
12 40 10 2
13¢ blue
7 51 12 3
Early (April?) 1852, H.I. & U.S. Postage
13¢ blue
8 34 9 4

All issue quantities are approximate.

The obvious place to look for more information is at the Post Office in Paradise

Dawson Cover
The Dawson Cover

The image of the Dawson Cover is from Wikipedia where it is described as "The most valuable of all Missionary items is a cover sent to New York City bearing the only known use of the 2-cent value on cover, as well as a 5-cent value and two 3-cent US stamps."
Here is the image credit.
" Dawson Cover" by Original upload was Fconaway at en.wikipedia - 2014 upload from linked from this June 2013 Siegel auction webpage2013 upload from from en.wikipedia; description page is/was here. It is the "Hawaii Missionary Fragment" Frajola Philatelist Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.

Provisional Government
US Territory
Princess Victoria Kamamalu
1893 Sc54 SG54
o/p Sc30 SG27
1894 Sc74 SG77 1899 Sc80 SG89

In 1893, external machinations over sugar rights brought about a provisional government, followed in 1894 by the proclamation of a republic. In 1900 Hawaii became a territory of the United States and in 1959 the 50th American State. It has used US stamps since June 1900. Including administration changes provides a useful increase in the granularity of a first issues collection.

Image sources: JM1, LMW1, NB.

FI ref: 31 Page credit: NB

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