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1st March 1864


10th March 1864

see Schleswig-Holstein, 1850

German States 17 & 18
  German Occupation Issues 1 & 2

  1864 Sc15 SG51 1864 Sc8 SG21  

both rouletted 11½, no watermark, typographed.
Printed by the Prussian State Printing Works

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T Notes
1¼ schilling blue and grey Type I   15 51, 52     see note 1
1¼ schilling blue and grey Type II   16 54      
1¼ schilling blue and grey Type II   17 55, 56      
¼ schilling green   8 21      
4s carmine   9 22, 23      

Both Scott and Gibbons include these within the Schleswig-Holstein issues

1. the variants on the Holstein issue are:
Type I small lettering in frame, wavy lines in spandrels close together
Type II small lettering in frame, wavy lines wider apart
Type III larger lettering in frame, no periods after "H R Z G", wavy lines as Type II

Mackay [1] suggests that these stamps, arising from disputes between Prussia and Austria over Holstein and Schleswig in 1864 that led to the Seven Weeks’ War in 1866 were the first ever Occupation Issues. Stamps were issued by the German Federal Commissioners for Holstein 1864 and then by Austria. Joint stamps were at first issued for Schleswig, and Prussian stamps from 1865.