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8th January 1889

French Colonies 14

Indo China 2a
  Sc1 SG2 Sc2 SG1 Sc2a SG1b xxx

Description Surch Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Surcharges on stamps of French Colonies, general issues
5 centimes on 35c deep violet, orange Black 1 2      
5c on 35c deep violet, orange Red 2 1      
5c on 35c deep violet, orange Red 2a 1b     Date smaller font

Scott [1] lists the black surcharge first and dates in as 8th January, then the black surcharges and dates them 10th January. Gibbons reverses this: red first on 8th, black on 10th.
Three stamps on the sheet of 25 with the red surcharge had the date of 1889 in a smaller font (Sc2a SG1b). Pairs of the two types do exist but are very rare.

To summarise Mackay [1], the French conquered the area in late C19th and gave it the name Indochina from 1888 onwards, covering the colonies and protectorates of Cochin-China, Annam and Tongking (Vietnam) and Cambodia. Later additions were Laos (1893), and Kouang-Tcheou (1900).

Mackay notes that with "an area greater than France itself, inhabited by people of diverse races … it is not surprising that colonial rule was resisted to a greater or lesser degree". The resistance was greatest in Vietnam, eventually leading to the Vietnam War.