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King Edward VII Land,
Victoria Land

15th January 1908, 9th February 1911

New Zealand Entity 6, 7

Edward 7 Land
Victoria Land
King Edward VII Land
Victoria Land
  1908 Sc121a SG-A1 1911 Sc SG-A2 xxx

perf 14

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
King Edward VII Land, NZ overprint
1   121a A1      
2   A1b      
Victoria Land, NZ overprint
3   130d A2      
4   131d A3      

Gibbons [1] differentiates between two stamps of the same design with the SG-A1 overprinted on SG356 (printed in Wellington from Royle plates) and the SG-A2 on SG352c (printed in Wellington from Waterlow plates).

Both entities are areas of Antartica. The 1908 Shackleton expedition took stamps with them, intending to stop at King Edward VII but, due to bad weather, went to Victoria Land instead. The ill-fated 1911 Scott expedition took the Victoria Land inscribed stamps.

Scott [2] lists both issues within the normal run of New Zealand stamps. Gibbons has a separate listing between NZ and the Dependencies headed "Antarctic Expeditions".

Sources: ScS [2], SGP1 [1].

Image from Grosvenor, StampAuctionNetwork.

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