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October 1924

Europe 46


perf 10, 13½, no wmk, lithographed
Printed at the State Printing Works, Moscow

Description Paper Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T#  
The stamps are inscribed in black on tinted paper
1 cent brown, flesh and grey bister 1 1      
2c brown, blue and rose brownish 2 2      
5c grey, drab, rose and yellow   3 3      
10c blue, dull blue and brown bluish 4 4      
20c grey, blue and white blue 5 5      
50c red and orange salmon 6 6      
$1 bistre, rose, red and white yellow 7 7      

Scott lists all the first issue as "multi" and so the colours have been taken from Gibbons. Gibbons distinguishes by perforation, Type I perf 13½ and Type II perf 10. The stamps increase in size with value (as Bergedorf) and many stamps are "defaced by horizontal perforations": Gibbons states these perforated stamps were "officially exported in this state and invalid for postage".

Wikipedia describes Mongolia as " a landlocked sovereign state in East Asia. Its area is roughly equivalent with the historical territory of Outer Mongolia, and that term is sometimes used to refer to the current state. It is bordered by China to the south and Russia to the north … The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 strongly influenced Mongolian politics and youth. Its people undertook the peaceful Democratic Revolution in 1990 and the introduction of a multi-party system and market economy. A new constitution was introduced in 1992, and the "People's Republic" was dropped from the country's name. "
A separate entry states, Mongolian People's Republic, "a socialist state in Central Asia which existed between 1924 and 1992. It was ruled by the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party and maintained close links with the Soviet Union throughout its history."

Sources: ScC, SGP10.

Image from NB.

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