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2nd September 1916

Australian Administration 3
Oceania 9

Nauru 1 to 12
  Sc1 to 12 xxx

perf 14½x14, royal cypher wmk

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Stamps of GB overprinted
½ penny yellow-green 1916 1 1      
other values 1d to 1/- 1916-23 2-12 2-12      

The catalogues list overprint variants, inverts: doubles and "NAUP.U". Gibbons lists these stamps after Australia.

A Pacific Island previously under German control, captured by Australian forces during WW1 and taken under British mandate. The mandate passed to Australia in 1924. Japan captured the island in 1942 and it was liberated by Australia in 1945. The Japanese had deported most of the population to the Caroline Islands and they did not return until 1946.

Sources: ScC, SGP1.

Image from ebay.

FI ref: 463 Page credit: NB

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