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4th November 1941

  German Occupation 18  

  Sc-N1 to N26, N29-40 xxx

perf 14, no wmk, typographed / engraved

Description Date Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Stamps of Germany overprinted - typographed
1 pfennig grey-black   N21 1      
3pf light brown   N22 2      
4pf slate   N23 3      
5pf deep yellow-green   N24 4      
6pf purple   N25 5      
8pf red   N26 6      
10pf dark brown 1943 N27 8      
12pf carmine 1943 N28 10      
Stamps of Germany overprinted - engraved
10pf dark brown   N29 7      
12pf bright carmine   N30 9      
15pf brown lake   N31 11      
16pf peacock green   N32 12      
20pf blue   N33 13      
24pf orange brown   N34 14      
25pf bright untra   N35 15      
30pf olive green   N36 16      
40pf bright red-violet   N37 17      
50pf myrtle green   N38 18      
60pf dark red-brown   N39 19      
80pf indigo   N40 20      

Year of issue, where other than 1941.

FICC Journal v26n1p4 reported that from 2015, following the Scott catalogue's move of the Postgebeit Ob. Ost overprint German occupation stamps from Lituanua to Russia, the OSTLAND overprints have been renumbered from Russia N9-N28 to Russia N21-N40. The Aunus and Ukraine occupation issues have also been affected.

Both Scott and Gibbons (Part 10) lists these as Russia, Issued under German Occupation. Gibbons repeats the listing in the Germany volume, Part 7. Gibbons notes that Ostland comprised "the Baltic States and White Russia". Wikipedia states that "Nazi Germany established the Reichskommissariat Ostland (RKO) in 1941 as the civilian occupation regime in the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania), the northeastern part of Poland and the west part of the Belarusian SSR".

Sources: ScS 2018, SG Pt. 10, 2014.

Image from ebay.

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