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27th June 1919

Finnish Occupation 1

Aunus 1 to 8
  Russia N13-N20 xxx

perf 14, no wmk
overprinted by Suomen Leimakonttori

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Finnish stamps overprinted
5 penni green   N13 1      
10p rose   N14 2      
20p orange   N15 3      
40p violet   N16 4      
50p brown   N17 5      
1 markka black and rose   N18 6      
5m black and lilac   N19 7      
10m black and bistre   N20 8      

"Aunus" is the Finnish name for the Russian town of Olonets. Finnish troops occupied the town in April 1919. Finnish stamps cancelled "OLONETS" were first used and then the overprints. Although Russians took back the town after a few weeks, the stamps continued to be used in the area until October 1919.

FICC Journal v26n1p4 reported that from 2015, following the Scott catalogue's move of the Postgebeit Ob. Ost overprint German occupation stamps from Lituanua to Russia, this issue has been renumbered from Russia N1-N8 to Russia N13-N20. The Ostland and Ukraine occupation issues have also been affected.

Sources: ScS, SGP10, FICC Journal v26n1p4.

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