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1st January 1887

French colony 11

Africa 25

5c on 20c
5c on 30c
10c on 4c
10c on 20c
15c on 20c
Sc4 Sc6-8 Sc12 Sc13-20 Sc23 xxx

perf 14x13½, no wmk,
Surcharged at St. Louis.

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
General issues of French Colonies surcharged
5 centimes on 20c red / green   1-5 1+a-d      
5c on 30c cinnamom / drab   6-8 2+a-b      
10c on 4c purple-brown / grey   9-12 3+a-c      
10c on 20c red / green   13-20 4+a-g      
15c on 20c red / green   21-30 5+a-i      

A representative example of each of the five types is shown, identified where known.
"1+a-d" denotes that there are five stamps, 1, 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d.

1960 Sc195 SG228

Senegal's first set is a complex range of surcharges of general French Colonies issues. While there are only four original stamps involved, the complexity lies in the variations in the typefaces used: five for the 5 centimes, eight for the 10c and ten for the 15c values. At least they are all black until 1892.There is no straightforward way to cross-reference the catalogues and so a simplified listing is given above.

Senegal issued its first stamps as a French colony in 1887. The stamps of French West Africa were used from 1944 until 1959. In November 1958 Senegal became an autinomous state within the French Community and in April 1959 joined with French Sudan to form the independent Mali Federation. Senegal left the Federation in August 1960 and became the Republic of Senegal.

Sources: ScS, SGP6, SGP14.

Image from David Olson, colnect.

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