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French Guiana

1st December 1886

and Inini, 7th April 1932

see also British Guiana

- Inini

French colonies 10, 10a

  Sc1 Sc2 xxx

Description Surch Scott SG Mi Y&T  
5 centimes on 2c green, greenish I 1 1     imperf
5c on 2c green, greenish II 1 2     -do-
5c on 2c green, greenish III 1a 3     perf 14x13½
5c on 2c brown, buff II 2 4     -do-
5c on 2c brown, buff III 2a 5     -do-

Gibbons [1] identifies three varieties of surcharge: I. 10½mm high, II. 12½mm high and III. 12½ with a missing "f" in the denomination. Scott [2] mentions the heights but does not number them separately and adds a suffix for the "f"

The land north of Brazil was colonised by the British (see British Guiana), the French and the Dutch (see Suriname). French Guiana began issuing stamps in 1886 with surcharges and later overprints of the general French colonial issues followed by dedicated colonial keytypes in 1892. It became an overseas department of France in 1946 and has used ordinary French stamps since 1948.

1932 Sc1 SG1


The internal region of Inini had its own stamps from 1930 until 1946, when it was reincorporated.