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1st June 1866

See also Kosovo.

Europe 19, 19a

  Serbia Sc1 SG-N1 Serbia Sc5  

perf 12, no watermark, typographed
Printed by Austrian State Printing Works, Vienna

Description No. Printed Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T# Mink#
10 paras orange 12,000 4 9 1 8 8
20p rose 200,000 5 10 2 9 9
40p blue 20,000 6 11 3 10 10

All issue quantities are approximate, numbers from Mik.

Serbia Sc1 - 3 (SG-N1 - N3) were only used as newspaper tax stamps, making Sc4 SG9 the first Serbian postage stamp. Gibbons differentiates colour shades.

Austrian Occupation
German Occupation
1916 Sc1N1 SG? 1941 Sc2N1 SG?

Occupation Issues

Serbia was occupied by Austria during the First World War and by Gemany during the Second.

Serbia & Montenegro
3rd April 2003
Sc180 SG1
30th June 2006
Sc348 SG?

Changes of Administration

Serbia joined with other regions after WW1 and became Yugoslavia in 1929. Yugoslavia dissolved in 1992, leaving the entity of Serbia and Montenegro and in 2006, Montenegro left that federation. Two sets of stamps designed for S&M were released after the split but only used in Serbia: the stamp shown, depicting the Battle of Mishar, a painting by Paja Jovanovic, was the first designed for Serbia.

Sources: Mik, NB, ScC, SGP3.

Images from David Olson, ebay.

FI ref: 131, 774 Page credit: NB

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