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Sierra Leone

21st September 1859

British Colony 11

  Sierra Leone Sc1a SG1  

Perf 14, no watermark, typographed.
Printed by De La Rue, London

Description Date of issue   Scott SG Mi Y&T
6 pence dull purple
21st September 1859
  1a 1    
6d grey lilac
  1b 2    
6d reddish violet
  2 3    
6d reddish lilac
  1 4    
1d rose-red
1872 Sc6 SG7

Sierra Leone had an internal postal service from 1852, but when stamps were introduced in 1859, they were only used for external mail, hence the relatively high value of its only stamp until the introduction of a 1d value for internal mail in 1872.

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Images from David Olson, ebay.

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