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FICC web report, December 2017, submitted 5th Dec

This article is available online at Type that address into your browser and the online version has all the links in place, so from there you can just click.

Web traffic  
We started recording visitors to the FICC web site using Flag Counter in July 2016. At first, we only logged visits to a few key pages, but from October 2017 visits to all pages have been recorded. Since that change (a period of 54 days at the time of writing), we have averaged 6.7 visitors per day with each viewing 4.5 pages.
The rise of China in those visitors has been noted. In June 2017, China was 9th in our visitors list, in July it was 6th and by September China was 3rd. On 5th December it retains 3rd place with 129 visitors (6.0% of the total), behind the UK (178 visits, 8.3%) and the US (1,069, 49.7%).
The counter tries to ignore visits from the same computer in the same week, but if you access the site on a laptop, a tablet and a mobile phone or again after eight days, these will all be counted as "new" visitors. The system ignores the frequent visits by me, the web administrator.

New flags since the last report are: Greece, Serbia, Isle of Man, Curacao, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and most recently Balarus.

v25n4 October 2017


FICC web report, August 2017

This article is available online at Type that address into your browser and the online version has all the links in place, so from there you can just click.

Web traffic  
The number of visitors doubled for the period mid-June to late July and I thought the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) measures were taking effect, but they dropped back down again after that to an average of around 10 per day, so the surge remains unexplained. In the last three months we have had 400 individual visitors bringing the total of countries to 68, the most recent additions being Pakistan, Nigeria, South Africa and Nepal.

Catalog Progress
The remaining detail pages to the end of the FICC catalogue were completed in July and August. This was much earlier than the target of the end of the year and attributable to some hard work and the earlier geographic approach: all the European pages were written in 2016 and most first issues since 1990 have been from Europe.
There is a list on the web site of images not yet found and I would like to make a special request for help with the Saudi Arabia page as we have none of the four images required. If you have any of the following: Sc-L1 (1916 SG1), Sc1 (1925 SG190), Sc69 (1926 SG254) or Sc138 (1934 SG316), please send a scan at your highest resolution to
The next stage, after a break for other projects, will be to fill the blanks in the FICC catalogue pages, mostly perforation and watermark details and the like.

If you have any suggestions for future developments on the web site, please make them known.

v25n3 July 2017


FICC web report, May 2017

This article is available online at Type that address into your browser and the online version has all the links in place, so from there you can just click.

Web traffic  
We have had a total of 1,140 visitors from 64 countries since July 2016, when records began. That's just under 400 for the quarter-year with five new countries: Latvia, Austria, Egypt, Lithuania and most recently Iceland.

Catalog Progress
The project to write detail pages for every entry in the Catalog began in late 2015. Page 5 (1900-1913) is nearly complete and that is well over half way. There is a reasonable chance of completing the work by the end of 2017 or early 2018. Members are invited to check the pages for inaccuracies, either philatelic or linguistic and report them to

v25n2 April 2017


FICC web report, February 2017

This article is available online, with links in place, at

Invitations were sent to all FICC members to join the online forum and 21 have done so. The invitations are time-limited so if you need another, just write to Postings have been sparse so far, but it is hoped that traffic will pick up.

Web site traffic  
As at 3rd February, we’d had 757 visitors from 59 countries, the most recent new flags being Finland, Jamaica and Iran.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
One of my new-year resolutions is to improve the site's SEO, in other words, attract more visitors by improving our standing on the various search engines. One of our failings is lack of mentions in social media. Without wishing to stereotype FICC members or stamp collectors in general, they are not likely to be the most active users of social media simply because most did not grow up with it. I have added buttons to the home page to share the site on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and to email it to a contact. If you have an account with these services, please click and share it, then come back every month-or-so and do it again.

Web Site Catalogue Progress
Detail pages are now in place for the first four pages of the FICC catalog, 1840-1899. I am taking a short break at this point to work on another project, but will be back on duty writing FICC pages by the time of the next quarterly report.

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