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1st June 1973

formerly British Honduras

- Cayes of Belize

Central America 11  

  Belize Sc312 SG347  

Belize, first set
1973 Sc312-324

perf 13x12½, wmk, lithographed

Description   Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T# Notes
½ cent multi   312 347      
1c to $5   313 348-359     set of 13

Only the ½c, 5c and $5 values are watermarked

Independence FDC
1981 Sc572 SG629 etc.
o/p Sc471 SG532

Formerly British Honduras, this Central American region bordering Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean became a Crown Colony in 1862, was granted self-government in 1964 and changed its name to Belize on 1st June1973. Belize became independent within the Commonwealth on 21st September 1981.

Cayes of Belize
Cayes of Belize
1984 Sc1 SG-

Cayes of Belize

The Cayes of Belize is a chain of islands, coral reefs and sandbanks off the eastern coast of Belize. Scott [1] lists and numbers the first issue but Gibbons [2] just notes that they "fall outside the criteria for full listing" and cites an earlier definition, "greatly in excess of true postal needs".