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British Guiana

1st July 1850

see also French Guiana

British Colony 2

Br Guy 3
  British Guiana #3  

Typeset, imperforate, no watermark.
Printed at the office of the Royal Gazette, Georgetown, British Guiana.

Description paper # issued Scott SG Mi Y&T
4 cents orange medium wove   2 2    
8 cents green medium wove   4 4    
12 cents blue blue medium wove   5 5    
12 cents indigo indigo medium wove   5b 6    
2 cents rose rose medium wove 10 copies known 1 1    
4 cents lemon-yellow medium wove   3 3    
12 cents pale blue pelure   5a 7    

Commonly known as The Cottonreels, these stamps were typeset and printed at the offices of a local newspaper, the Royal Gazette. The stamps were initialled by one of several postal officials prior to issue.

South America 12


Guyana first stamp
1966 SG393 Sc7
o/p SG331 Sc253
Guyana first real stamp
26th May 1966 SG408 Sc20

Guyana achieved independence in 1966, celebrated first as an overprint and then their first real stamp. The Scott catalogue (unlike Gibbons) helpfully restarts Guyana at #1.

Sources: JM1, ScS, SGP1, SGS.

Image1 from JM1, NB.

FI ref: 19, 688 Page credit: NB

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