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Griqualand West

1st September 1874

British Colony 33


perf 14, Crown and CC wmk, typo
Printed by De La Rue, London.

Description   Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T#  
Manuscript surcharge on Cape of Good Hope stamp
1 penny on 4d blue   1 1      

Wikipedia describes Griqualand West as "a former British colony that is now part of South Africa" .

The first stamp was the sc17, SG24a of Cape of Good Hope, "surcharged in [dark] red manuscript by the Kimberley postmaster" [1]. This was the only such stamp issued, followed by two printed overprints of "G. W." (ScS2-3, SG2-3) and then a great many variations in font and colour overprints of a single "G" (Sc4-102, SG4-29).

When the territory merged with Cape Ccolony in 1880, the remaining overprinted stock was returned to Cape Town and distibuted throughout the colony for normal use.