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Marshall Islands

28th May 1897

German Colony 5
Oceania 6

Marshall Is Sc1
  Sc1 xxx

perf 13½x14½, no wmk

Description Date Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Stamps of Germany overprinted "“Marschall-Inseln” in black §
3 pfennigs dark brown 1899 1 G1      
3pf light brown   1a G1a      
5pf green 1899 2 G2      
10pf carmine   3 G3      
20pf ultra   4 G4      
25pf orange   5        
50pf red-brown   6        

Scott [1] dates all of the first set to 1897. Gibbons [2] does nott
Scott states that Sc5 and Sc6 were not issued, although some are known cancelled. Gibbons does not list them.
§ A second set of the same values was issued in 1899-1900 overprinted “Marshall-Inseln”, i.e. without the "c".

A group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. They became a German protectorate in 1885, then were under Japanese control from 1920 until 1947 when they became a United States Trust Territory.

They began to issue their own stamps in 1984.

Marshall Is 1984
1984 Sc31-34 SG1-4