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First, some background. Louis Laflamme (FICC#210) provided a full (3-page) explanation of Cameroun issues in Journal v21n1. The images used are taken from that article. In summary,

This page is divided into

German colony and occupation issues

April 1897

German colony 4

  first set, FICC #327 xxx

perf 13½ x 14½, no wmk

Description Date Scott SG Mi Y&T  
3 pfennig yellow-brown 1898 1 K1a   1  
3pf red-brown 1898 1a K1b      
3pf dark brown Aug 1897 1b K1      
5pf green Apr 1897 2 K2   2  
10pf carmine Apr 1897 3 K3   3  
20pf ultra Apr 1897 4 K4   4  
25pf orange Apr 1897 5 K5   5  
50pf red-brown Oct 1897 6 K6, 6a   6  

British Occupation
French Occupation
1915 Sc53 SG-B1 FICC #453 1915 Sc101 SG1 FICC #458

C.E.F. = Cameroons Expeditionary Force

French Cameroun

15th July 1921

French colony 39

French Mandate
1921 Sc147 SG46 FICC #518 1958 Sc331 SG271 1960 Sc336 SG276

French Cameroun first used Middle Congo overprints and then specific stamps from 1925. During WW2, the people of Cameroun supported de Gaulle and the Free French and used stamps printed in London. The Vichy govt. produced stamps for Cameroun but they were never used there. After the war the mandates became United Nations Trust Territories. French Cameroun became an autonomous state on April 16, 1957 (still under French guardianship) with a first stamp issued in 1958. Full independence was finally achieved on January 1, 1960.

British Cameroons

1st October 1960

British colony  

U.K. Trust Territory
1960 Sc66 SG-T1 FICC #663

The British mandate area, both North and South, used the stamps of Nigeria from 1924. In February 1960, there were separate votes on their futures: Northern Cameroons voted to become part of Nigeria; Southern Cameroons opted to join (what had been French) Cameroun. While this was being decided, a stamp issue was made, overprinted "Cameroons U.K.T.T." (United Kindom Trust Territory) on Nigerian stamps.


1st October 1961

Africa 20

for Southern Cameroons
for Camerouns
United Republic
1961 Sc343 SG286 1962 Sc352 SG298 1972 Sc546 SG648

On October 1, 1961 Southern Cameroons and Cameroun formed the Federal Republic of Cameroun and set of stamps was issued for use in the former Southern Cameroons, French Cameroun stamps of 1946 overprinted in red "REPUBLIQUE FEDERALE" with a surcharge denominated in shillings and pence rather than centimes and francs. In the rest of the country, a set celebrating reunification was issued on January 1, 1962. As a final act, the Federal system was abandoned on May 20, 1972 and the country became the United Republic of Cameroon, the first stamp being issued on July 20