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June 1897

- Independence

German colony 6
French colony 31
British colony 68

Africa 5

German Protectorate
French Occupation
British Protectorate
  [1897] Sc1 SG-G1 1914 Sc151 1914 Sc33 SG-H12 xxx

Description Date Scott SG Mi Y&T  
German Protectorate, German overprints
3 pfennigs dark brown 1899 1 G1 1a 1  
3pf yellow brown mid 1898 1a G1a 1b    
3pf reddish brown mid 1898 1b G1B 1c    
3pf pale gray-brown Sep 1897 1c   1d    
5pf green 1897 2 G2   2  
10pf carmine 1897 3 G3   3  
20pf ultra 1897 4 G4   4  
25pf orange 1898 5 G5   5  
50pf red-brown 1898 6 G6   6  
French Occupation, surcharges or overprints of German Togo "Yacht" issue
5 centimes on 3pf brown 1914 151 1      
other surcharges, 5c and 10c 1914 152-156 2      
other overprints 20pf to 80pf 1914 158-162 3-7      
British Protectorate, surcharges or overprints of German Togo "Yacht" issue
½d on 3pf brown Oct 1914 33 H12      
1 penny on 5pf 1914 34 H13      
overprints 3pf to 2 marks 1914 35-45 H14-28      

Michel also lists bright ochre (Mi1e, 1898) and bright orange-brown (Mi1f, 1899)
Both Scott and Gibbons distinguish multiple fonts for the French and British surcharges. Listing and matching these is outside the scope of this exercise.

French mandate
1921 Sc193 SG37

Louis Laflamme (FICC#210) wrote extensively on the various Togo #1s in FICC Journal v20n1p7. Most of the text and the illustrations are taken from that article.

Germany first established its Protectorate in Togo in 1884 and post offices from 1888, identifiable by postmark. Specific stamps were issued from 1897, although the catalogues disagree on the months. Louis notes that Michel differentiates more shades on the #1 than does Scott [or Gibbons].

During WW1, French troops invaded Togo from Dahomey and British troops from the Gold Coast in early August 1914 and German forces had surrendered by the end of the month. Togo remained anger Anglo-French military occupation (occupying the west and east respectively) until 1919.

After WW1 Togo became a League of Nations mandate administered by Britain and France. British Togoland first used used Gold Coast stamps. The French mandate began with Dahomey overprints and used the stamps of French West Africa during WW2.

Autonomous Republic
1957 Sc332 SG194 1960 Sc376 SG253

Changes of Administration

After WW2 Togo became a United Nations Trust Territory, again administered by Britain and France. In 1957, British Togoland voted to join with the Gold Coast to form Ghana. The French territory became an autonomous republic in 1956 and gained full independence in 1960.

Sources: ScS, SGP1, SGP14, FICC Journal v20n1p7.

Images from David Olson, colnect, FICC Journal v20n1p7.

FI ref: 329, 449, 450 Page credit: NB

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