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Ross Dependency

11th January 1957

New Zealand Administration 10  

Ross Dependency ScL1toL8
  1957-1967 Sc-L1 to L8 xxx

perf 14, 13, wmk 253 , engraved

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
3 pence dark blue   L1 1      
4d dark carmine   L2 2      
8d ultra and carmine-rose   L3 3      
1/6 dull violet   L4 4      

The name given to the area of Antarctica administered by New Zealand, named after SirĀ James Clark Ross, who discovered the Ross Sea. It includes part of Victoria Land. The post office was closed and the stamps withdrawn in 1987, but it reopened in 1994. The designs of the four stamps in the first 1957 set were repeated in 1967 with the new decimal currency denominations: all eight stamps are shown above.

Sources: ScS, SGPS.

Image from ebay.

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