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1st January 1881

Malayan State 4

Selangor Sc2
Selangor SG8
Selangor Sc5
  Sc2 Sc3 Sc5  

Printed by De La Rue

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Handstamp logo on Straits Settlements Sc10 SG11, perf 14, Crown CC wmk
2 cents brown, black handstamp   1 -   -  
2c brown, red handstamp 2 -   1  
"S." overprint on Straits Settlements perf 14, Crown CA wmk
2c brown (Sc40 SG50)   3 8   2  
2c rose (Sc41 SG63)   4 -      
"SELANGOR" Overprints on Straits Settlements Sc10 SG11
2c brown (Sc10 SG11)   5 1-7   3  
2c brown (Sc40 SG50)   6 9-19   4  
2c rose (Sc41 SG63)   7 20-30   5  

Early Selangor is very difficult to document and to correlate by catalogue.
Of Sc1 and Sc2, Scott [1] states "the authenticity of Sc1-2 is questioned". Gibbons [2] describes them, states that their "status is unclear" and does not number them. Yvert & Tellier [3] list only the red handstamp
On the "SELANGOR" overprints, Gibbons distinguishes many more font variations than the other catalogues.

Selangor SG136
Japanese Occupation
1942 Sc-N1 SG 1965 Sc121 SG136

Located on the west coast of the Malay peninsular, the first British Resident was appointed in 1874 and Selangor joined the Federated Malay States in 1896.

Overprints were issued for the Japanese occupation during WW2 and Selangor became part of Malaysia in 1963.