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Subject Title Author Year Issue
General 0 cent stamps Balm, Tim 2004 v12n2p4
General #1a Problem Buchi, Clark 1994 v4n4p7
General #1s Versus First Issues Kwacz, Ariel 1993 v3n6p3
General 1997 Membership Roster Kaminski, Peter 1997 v6n4p7
General A Really Different Number One Jackson, Paul 2001 v9n3p10
General About Dealers Buchi, Clark 1992 v2n6p3
General Add Some color ...first collection! Walker, Floyd 1997 v6n2p2
General Album pages Rodriguez, Fernando & Sylvester, Bob 2003 v11n3p10,11
General Another Reason for Collecting... Buchi, Clark 1994 v4n2p3
General Possible FICC Membership in the American Topical Association Balm, Tim 2013 v21n3p3
General Exhibit - The First Issue Postal History of the Americas, full exhibit here Omdahl, Jeff 2016 v24n3p7
General An Overview of the Scott 2003 Classic Catalog Streepy, Kurt 2003 v11n1p3
General Bad Case of the Uglies Buchi, Clark 1994 v4n5p7
General Bad Stamps editorial 2001 v19n1p3
General The Beville Collection, Online/Virtual Bidding   2017 v25n4p4
General Bylaws Buchi, Clark 1991 v2n3p9
General By-Laws & New Executive Board Sylvester, Bob 1997 v6n1p6
General By-Laws of the FICC Sylvester, Bob 2003 v11n1p7
General By-Laws of the FICC editorial 2010 v18n4p3
General By-Laws of the FICC editorial and reprint 2018 v26n1p1, p3
General Postal History of the Caribbean Andersen, Jesper 2004 v12n2p5, v12n3p3
General Case for James Chalmers Buchi, Clark 1992 v2n5p8,n6p6
General Catalogue Price Distributions of First Issues Reichle, Alfred 2005 v13n3p8
General Catalogue Values Olson, David 1990 v1n1p8
General Catching up on Research Questions Walker, Flloyd 1997 v5n6p3
General Change Buchi, Clark 1993 v3n4p3
General Alfred Chalon and First Issues Laflamme, Louis 2011 v19n3p7
General First Issue Stamps Seen in the Movie Charade Yamazaki, Hideki 2005 v13n2p6
General Cinderellas: Stamps of the Azad Hind Balm, Tim 2000 v8n5p8
General Collect or Invest? Buchi, Clark 1992 v2n4p6
General Collecting First Issues, My First Year Rajh, Edo 2004 v12n2p7
General Collecting Milestone (400 #1s) Myers, Jeffrey 2014 v22n1p5
General Collecting Number Ones Spring, Ira 1994 v4n1p7
General Collecting One Country at a Time Buchi, Clark 1994 v4n6p3
General Stamp Collection Plans Andersen, Jesper 2005 v13n4p6
General Common First Issues Buchi, Clark 1994 v2n2p5
General Computer pages Spring, Ira 1997 v6n1p8
General Cowardice in #1s Buchi, Clark 1991 v1n4p4
General Dinosaurs - Do A Good Deed Zukin, Ron 2016 v24n4p6
General Editor's Musings Balm, Tim 2014 v22n4p5
General Emperor Collection Auction Olson, David 1992 v3n1p6
General Exciting Book News Buchi, Clark 1993 v3n6p1
General Expertising: When it's not cost effective to get a certificate for an inexpensive stamp Balm, Tim 2017 v25n2p4
General Display Organised by Colour editorial 2004 v12n4p5
General Fakes, Forgeries, counterfeits... Walker, F.A. 1997 v6n4p2
General FICC member wins Gold at Finlandia 2017   2017 v25n4p5
General First Day Covers of the World 1840-49 Berkun, Alan 2007 v15n2p4, n3p5
General First Issue - The Cutting Edge Buchi, Clark 1995 v5n2p5
General First Issues at Auction Sylvester, Bob 1990 v1n3p3
General First Issues By Whose Book? Balm, Tim 1999 v8n2p17
General First Issue Envelope Tomlinson, Bob 2009 v17n2p3
General First Issues of Fantasy Countries.... Walker, Floyd 1998 v7n2p6
General First Issues Talk Outline Buchi, Clark 1994 v4n6p5
General First Issues That Are Not #1s Sylvester, Bob 1991 v1n4p3
General First Postal Cards Eastman, Robert 1995 v5n1p6
General First Stamps and the Internet Walker, Floyd 1995 v5n2p3
General World Firsts Balm, Tim 2005 v13n1p4
General Franchise Stamps Balm, Tim 2006 v14n2p8
General Fun vs Investment Lindenstein, Ben 1991 v2n3p3
General Fun With Your #1 Collection Balm, Tim 2012 v20n1p5, n2p7
General Global value of rare first issues Yamazaki, Hideki 2003 v11n2p9
General Guinness Book of Stamp Facts and Feats, James Mackay, Book review Webb, G. Daland 2004 v12n3p11
General How I bought Three #1s Tomlinson, Bob 2011 v19n4p5
General How to Make a First Issue Talk Buchi, Clark 1992 v2n5p3
General Index to Articles, 1990-1999 Sylvester, Bob 1999 v8n1p7-9
General Interesting First Issue Covers Zybert, George 2001 v9n2p5
General Largest and Smallest #1s editorial 2014 v22n1p5, n2p3
General FICC Mention in Linn's Stamp News Balm, Tim 2014 v22n3p4
General World's First Lottery Stamp Yamazaki, Hideki 2008 v16n3p8, n4p2
General James Mackay, Obituary Balm, Tim 2008 V16n1p2
General My First Year, Collecting First Issues Rajh, Edo 2004 v12n2p7
General Mousemail may provide...first issues Walker, Floyd 1998 v7n2p1
General My First Year, Collecting First Issues Rajh, Edo 2004 v12n2p7
General Nations with Multiple #1s Buchi, Clark 1992 v3n2p1
General Navigating Our Website: Andersen, Jesper 2003 v11n1p9
General David Olson, Obituary Balm, Tim 2017 v25n3p3
General Number Ones in the News Buchi, Clark 1991 v1n5p1
General Number Ones since 1900 Gross, Lee 1992 v3n2p5,n3p8
General Philatelic Firsts Gross, Lee 1990 v1n3p5,n4p5,n5p4
General Philatelic Firsts Gross, Lee 1991 v1n6p5;v2n1p5,n2p4
General Philatelic Firsts Gross, Lee 1991 v2n3p4,n4p4,n5p4
General Philatelic Forgers Olson, David 1991 v1n6p1
General Philatelic Genealogy Sylvester, Bob 1990 v1n2p4
General Before the Mulready, The First Postal Stationery Bunce, Art 2007 v15n4p3
General Ramblings of a First Collector Brookbanks, Fred 1991 v2n1p8
General Rare #1s in Recent Auctions Balm, Tim 2012 v20n4p6
General Review of Number Ones Gross, Lee 1992 v3n1p5
General Sale of the Century Shapiro, Irving 1992 v3n1p3
General Scientific Methods Used in Stamp Collecting editorial 2014 v22n2p3
General Scott Listed First Issues which are not.... Louie, Robert 2000 v8n3p3
General Scott's Numbering System Buchi, E. Clark 1993 v3n5p3
General Show Off Your First Issues Layout Buchi, E. Clark 2012 v20n4p4
General Signed Stamps Olson, David 1993 v3n4p7
General Signatures/Markings on the Backs of Stamps Balm, Tim 2013 v21n3p3
General Largest and Smallest #1s editorial 2014 v22n1p5, n2p3
General Special Printings of #1s Shapiro, Irv 1991 v1n5p6
General A "Stamp for Every Country" Album editorial 2014 v22n2p3, n3p3
General Stamp Puzzle Tomlinson, Bob 2004 v12n1p9
General Stamps on Stamps Buchi, Clark 1994 v4n4p7
General My Experiences at Stamp Show 2011 Balm, Tim 2011 v19n4p3
General Experiences at APS Stamp Show 2013 Balm, Tim 2012 v21n4p3
General Stockbook System Buchi, Clark 1994 v4n3p1
General The ABCs of First Issues Walker, Floyd 1998 v6n6p7
General The ABCs of Using Expert Services Sylvester, Bob 1998 v6n5p3
General The value of stamps Andersen, Jesper 2003 v11n3p5
General The World's First Airmail Stamp? Walker, Floyd 1998 v7n3p7
General Three New First Issues Olson, David 2000 v8n5p3
General Toughies Project Results Larkey, Dave 1992 v2n6p4
General Toughies-Fake Division Buchi, Clark 1994 v4n4p3
General Values of First Issues ... Walker, Floyd 1997 v6n1p4
General The Value of Stamps Jesper Andersen 2003 v11n1p5
General Sc#1 Varieties That Were Issued First Balm, Tim 2015 v23n2p3
General What to Collect As a #1? Wilkerson, Larry 2002 v10n1p1
General What's In a Name? Sylvester, Bob 2000 v8n5p4
General When you want to dispose of your first issues collection Balm, Tim 2003 v11n4p4
General Why are (most) stamps rectangular? Walker, Floyd 1998 v7n2p9
General FICC in Wikipedia editorial 2007 v15n4p2
General World a la 1896 Buchi, Clark 1992 v2n5p5
General WPE 2006 Exhibit editorial 2004+ v12n4p6, v13n1p8,
v14n1p10, n3p7
General Writing Up ...Collection...Internet Walker, Floyd 1998 v7n4p6
General Your Collection is Limited only by... Walker, Floyd 1998 v7n3p7
General Zero cent stamps Balm, Tim 2004 v12n2p4
General - Officers Meet Your New FICC Vice President Rajh, Edo 2015 v23n1p3
General - Expertizing Sylvester Offers free help... Sylvester, Bob 1997 v6n2p2
General - Expertizing Sharing Expertizing Experiences Balm, Tim 2005 v13n3p7
General - Expertizing Proposed FICC Service of Offering #1 Opinions Balm, Tim 2015 v23n1p3, n2p2
General (Last Issues) Once you have all the First stamps... Walker, Floyd 1999 v7n5p7
General (Reprints) Make Sure Your #1 is the Real Thing Sylvester, Bob 1999 v7n5p1
General (Treasury) Options for Slowing Club Treasury Depletion editorial 2006 v14n2p5, n3p2, n3p11, n4p2
General (Web Site) Web Site Forum Crash editorial 2009 v17n3p2
General (Web Site) New Web administrator Buchi, E. Clark 2012 v20n4p1
General (Web Site Forum ) Summary of Forum discussions Blackburn, Nick 2004 et seq. v12n3p7, n4p7,
v13n1p9, n2p10, n3p10, n4p9,
v14n1p10, n2p10, n3p7, n4p3,
v15n1p3, n2p8, n4p8
v16n1p3, n2p3, n3p4
General (Web Site) Web Site News, repeated here Blackburn, Nick 2016 et seq. V24n3p2 +

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