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Subject Title Author Year Issue  
St. Lucia St. Lucia and the First Issues of 1860 Sylvester, Bob 2001 v9n2p1  
St. Lucia The Curiosity of St. Lucia's 1967 Statehood "Extra" Stamps Balm, Tim 2016 v24n1p5  
St. Martin Caribbean Netherlands, Curacao and St. Martin #1s for Sale Balm, Tim 2011 v19n3p5, n4p5 *
Saint Pierre and Miquelon The First Issues of St. P&M Laflamme, Louis 2008 v16n3p7 *
Saint Vincent Grenadines Saint Vincent Grenadines Trivia Balm, Tim 2006 v14n1p5 *
Saint Vincent Grenadines Individual Saint Vincent Grenadines Islands Do Not Sell Their Own Stamps Balm, Tim 2016 v24n3p9 *
Samoa Color Shades of #1 Balm, Tim 2009 v17n2p5 *
Samoa The Samoa Express Stamps: Remainders, Reprints and Forgeries Balm, Tim 2008 v16n4p3 *
San Marino San Marino Olson, David 1991 v2n1p1  
Sarawak Sarawak #1 Buchi, Clark 1994 v4n2p5  
Sarawak Sarawak Monograph Bunce, Art 1994 v4n2p6  
Saudi Arabia Saudi first issues invoke thoughts of Walker, Floyd 1998 v7n1p9  
Sealand Sealand's First Issue - A Country or a Local Issue Balm, Tim 2008 v16n1p9 *
Serbia & Montenegro Update to the Serbia & Montenegro first issue stamps Balm, Tim 2004 v12n2p9, v14n2p5 *
Seychelles Seychelles never has been important Walker, Floyd 1998 v7n4p4  
Seychelles Seychelles Sc#1 verses #1a Balm, Tim 2007 v15n4p5 *
Shahpura Shahpura Exhibit Pages Jaiswal, Sandeep 2014 v22n2p4 *
Singapore Singapore and Straits Settlements First Issued Stamps Talbot, Paul 2015 v23n4p5 *
Solomon Islands Solomon Islands #1 Buchi, Clark 1995 v5n1p5  
Somalia, Somali Coast, Somaliland Confused between Somalia, Somali Coast, Somaliland, etc.? Balm, Tim 2003 v11n2p8  
South Africa South Africa first issues should inc... Walker, Floyd 1999 v7n6p7  
South Africa Philatelic History of South Africa Nadel, Martin 2017 v25n3p4 *
South Africa The Symbolism in the South Africa #1 Design Balm, Tim 2017 v25n3p6 *
South Australia South Australia & the First Issue of 1855 Sylvester, Bob 2001 v9n3p10  
South Sudan New #1 for the Republic of South Sudan Balm, Tim 2011+ v19n4p5, v20n2p2 *
South Sudan South Sudan Stamps Appearing on Ebay Balm, Tim 2012 v20n4p7 *
South Sudan South Sudan has an Sc#1 - Finally Balm, Tim 2013 v21n1p6 *
South Sudan South Sudan Postal Operations Struggle to Remain Operational Balm, Tim 2013 v21n3p4 *
Southern Rhodesia Interesting Picture Postcard with Southern Rhodesia #1 Balm, Tim 2014 v22n1p6 *
South Yemen South Yemen First Issues Winders, Peter 2016 v25n1p4 *
Spain Spain, Carlist Issue Larkey,Dave 1992 v3n1p2  
Sri Lanka The First Issues of Ceylon - Sri Lanka Sylvester, Bob 2005 v13n3p3 *
Stellaland Stellaland #1-6 Olson, David 1992 v2n4p1  
Stellaland Stellaland: The Land of the Star Sylvester, Bob 1998 v7n2p3  
Straits Settlements Singapore and Straits Settlements First Issued Stamps Talbot, Paul 2015 v23n4p5 *
Sudan Camel Post design Wasn't on first... Walker, Floyd 1998 v7n3p5  
Suez Canal Co. Suez Canal Company #1 Balm, Tim 2012 v20n2p4 *
Suez Canal Co. Suez Canal Company #L1 Forgeries Laflamme, Louis 2012 v20n3p4 *
Sweden Sweden Buchi, Clark 1994 v4n4p3  
Switzerland Recent Acquisition: Switzerland #1L1 Sylvester, Bob 2000 v8n4p8  
TAAF Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises, Not a Place for a Stroll to the Post Office Talbot, Paul 2016 v24n3p6 *
Taiwan Two Varieties of Taiwan's First Issue
Balm, Tim 2001

Taiwan The Multiple First issues of Taiwan editorial 2005 v13n2p7 *
Tannu Tuva Remember Tannu Tuva? ... Walker, Floyd 1997 v6n3p5  
Tasmania Tasmania / Van Diemen's Land First Issue Laflamme, Louis 2014 v22n3p5 *
Thule Thule Locals Balm, Tim 2001 v9n2p4  
Thurn & Taxis Having trouble finding T & T...? Walker, Floyd 1997 v6n3p7  
Tibet The First Postal Issue of Tibet Walker, Floyd 1998 v6n5p1  
Tibet Tibet #1 on cover can be difficult . . . Walker, Floyd 1998 v6n5p4  
Tibet Untitled Walker, Floyd 1998 v6n6p6  
Tibet Forgeries of Tibet #1 Balm, Tim 2004 v12n4p9 *
Tierra del Fuego Tierra del Fuego #1 - Original verses Reprint Balm, Tim 2011 v19n1p8 *
Tobago Adventure in tobago Olson, David 1994 v4n6p1  
Togo The First Issue of Togo Laflamme, Louis 2012 v20n1p7 *
Tonk New Sc#1s - for Indian Feudatory States of Tonk and Kotah Balm, Tim 2010 v18n1p2, n2p4 *
Transdn. Moldovan Rep. TMR Buchi, Clark 1995 v5n1p5  
Transnistra The First Issues of Transnistra - Revisited Balm, Tim 2014 v22n3p4 *
Transvaal The First Issue of Transvaal Sylvester, Bob 2006 v14n1p3 *
Trucial States Stamps of the Trucial States - A Precurser to Sand Dune Stamps Balm, Tim 2008 v16n2p4 *
Turkey Turkey in Asia Balm, Tim 2002 v10n1p10  
Turkey First Issues of the Ottoman Empire Laflamme, Louis 2015 v23n3p3 *
Turks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos Islands Sylvester, Bob 2004 v12n3p10 *
Uganda Uganda - the most primitive stamps? Andersen, Jesper 2003 v11n4p4  
Ukraine Ukraine Olson, David 1991 v2n3p1  
Ukraine Ukraine Update Buchi, Clark 1991 v1n6p8  
Ukraine Scott Creates a New Ukraine #1 Balm, Tim 2003 v11n1p11  
Ukraine Ukraine Sc#1 Serving as a Money Token Balm, Tim 2009 v17n1p3 *
Carpatho-Ukraine The Stamp from the Country that Lasted Just One Day Talbot, Paul 2015 v23n2p4 *
United States United States #1 Buchi, Clark 1993 v3n5p6  
United States IPSA: The Independent Postal System of America Balm, Tim 2004 v12n1p7, v12n2p4 *
Van Diemen's Land Tasmania / Van Diemen's Land First Issue Laflamme, Louis 2014 v22n3p5 *
Vancouver Island The First Issues of British Columbia and Vancouver Island Laflamme, Louis 2006 v14n2p4, n3p6, n4p7 *
Vatican City Of Vatican City and the Roman States of Italy Balm, Tim 2005 v13n4p8 *
Viet Cong First Issues of the Viet Cong Balm, Tim 2012 v20n4p8 *
Viet Nam Interesting Viet Nam Cover with Two First Issues Balm, Tim 2007 v15n4p7 *
Venezuela First Issues of the Venezuelan State of Guayana Balm, Tim 2010 v18n4p4 *
Venezuela Stamps of Maturin, Mariño, Guiria and Yrapa Balm, Tim 2010 v18n4p7 *
Venezuela Stamps of Tachira Balm, Tim 2010 v18n4p8 *
Virgin Islands Check Your Virgin Islands #1 . . . . Sylvester, Bob 1999 v8n1p3  
Wadhwan The Stamps of Wadhwan - A Detailed Look Balm, Tim 2010 v18n3p6 *
Walachia From Moldavia to Romania Andersen, Jesper 2003 v11n4p10  
Wallis & Futuna Wallis & Futuna - A Country with Only One ATM Talbot, Paul 2015 v23n1p4 *
West Irian UN Peacekeeping: UNTEA Stamps of West Irian Balm, Tim 2002 v10n3p8  
Western Australia Forged verses Genuine Cancels on Western Australia #1 Balm, Tim 2014 v22n3p6 *
Western Ukraine Change in Sc#1 for Western Ukraine Balm, Tim 2006 v14n1p7 *
White Russia The Many Stamps of White Russia Balm, Tim 2015 v23n2p5 *
Wilayah Persekutuan Wilayah Persekutuan Buchi, Clark 1992 v3n2p6  
Yemen First Issues of Yemen Balm, Tim 2001, 2006 v9n1p1, v14n4p4 (*)  
Yemen Yemen first issue variety - genuine or fake?   2017 v25n4p6 *
Yemen, South South Yemen First Issues Winders, Peter 2016 v25n1p4 *

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