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New Britain

17 October 1914

see Guinea disambiguation

Australian Administration 1

New Britain
  New Britain 1914 Sc30b SG50c xxx


Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
German New Guinea surcharged
1 penny on 3 pfennigs brown   1 1      
other values and variants   2-29G 2-30      

There are too many values and variants to document sensibly and the differing Scott and Gibbons approaches mean that matching across catalogues would be difficult.

Scott [1] states that "The island Neu-Pommern, a part of former German New Guinea, was captured during World War I by Australian troops and named New Britain. Following the war it was mandated to Australia and designated a part of the Mandated Territory of New Guinea. See German New Guinea, North West Pacific Islands and New Guinea. "

Gibbons [2] lists these under Australia, New Guinea. "G.R.I." stands for Georgius Rex Imperator, King George V.

New Britain entire
New Britain entire
Scott 30, 31d, 32-34, 36

Sources: ScS, SGP1.

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