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German New Guinea


and Territory of New Guinea, 1925

- Changes of Administration, see Guinea disambiguation

German Colony 2

German New Guinea
  Sc1-6 xxx

perf 13½x14½, no wmk

Description Date Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Stamps of Germany overprinted in black
3 pfennigs brown 1 1      
3pf reddish brown 1899 1a 1a      
3pf yellow-brown 1899 1b 1b      
5pf green   2 2      
10pf carmine   3 3      
20pf ultra   4 4      
25pf orange 1898 5 5      
50pf red-brown   6 6      

Date of issue, where not 1897.
Gibbons [1] dates the 3pf brown as July 1898.

Terr New Guinea
Territory of New Guinea
1925 Sc1 SG125

On 6th November 1884 south-eastern New Guinea became a British protectorate and ten days later the north-eastern portion was declared a German protectorate and named Kaiser Wilhelms Land. In September 1914, Australian forces landed and the German troops surrendered ten days later. In December 1920, Australia was given a mandate by the League of Nations to administer the area.

Scott [2] describes the Territory of New Guinea issue as occupying, "the northeastern part of the island and includes New-Britain and other nearby islands. It was formerly a German possession and should not be confused with British New Guinea (Papua) which is in the south-eastern part of the same island, nor Netherlands New Guinea … for previous issues see German New Guinea, New Britain, North West Pacific Islands. Issues for 1952 and later are listed under Papua."