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Thailand (Siam)

4th August 1883

- Offices - Occupation

Asia 7

  #1 xxx

perf 14½, 15, squares and rectangles wmk, engraved
Printed by Waterlow

Description   Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T# Notes
1 solot blue   1 1   1 shades in Gibbons
1 att carmine   2 2   2  
1 sio vermilion   3 3   3  
1 sik yellow   4 4   4  
1 salung orange   5 5   5 shades 1885

Last Siam set
First Thailand set
1939 Sc233 SG280 1940 Sc238 SG285

This is probably the first issue (of five) with every stamp of a different denomination. The denominative nomenclature of Scott and Gibbons is similar, Yvert & Tellier less so.

Thailand is the "western part of [the] Malay peninsular in Southeastern Asia" [1]. Siam changed its name to Thailand in 1939.

British Post Office in Bangkok
1882 Sc SG-Z14

British Post Office in Bangkok

A post office for foreign residents was organised by the British Consulate from 1858. Using Straits Settlements stamps, at first, these were cancelled when they reached Singapore, later an oval postmark, "BRITISH CONSUALTE BANGKOK" was used, and in 1883 a circular "BANGKOK" datestamp was introduced.

From 1882, mostly Straits Settlements overpinted "B" were used, though the first SC-Z1 was an Indian stamp with a catalogue price of £35,000 [2]. The stamp shown, for now, is SG-Z14, not yet found in Scott. This service ended in 1885 when Siam joined the UPU.

Siamese Post Offices Abroad

Thailand (Siam at the time) had, historically, exercised some control and influence beyond its borders and those borders were, in any case, ill-defined. After the issue in 1883 of their own stamps, they were used in Kedah, Kelantan and Perlis and also Cambodia and Laos but usage can only be determined by cancellation as no specific stamps were issued.

Thai Occupation of Kelantan
1943 Sc-2N1 SG-TK1

Thai Occupation issues

Thailand issued stamps while occupying the Malayan state of Kelantan in 1943.

Sources: ScS [1], SGP21 [2].

Image from David Olson, ebay.

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