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(British) North Borneo

March 1883

- Occupation

British Colony 40, a-b

  #1 xxx

no wmk, litho
Printed by Blades, East and Blades, London.

Description Date Perf Scott SG Mi Y&T  
2 cents red-brown   12 1 1      
4c rose 1884 12 2 6      
8c green 1884 12 3 7      
8c on 2c brown   12 4 2, 3      
50c violet   14 5 4      
$1 red   14 6 5      

Date of issue, where not 1883.
Gibbons [1] distinguishes two overprints, "8 cents." vertical (SG2, Sc4) and "EIGHT / CENTS" horizontal (SG3). Scott [2] does not list the latter.

British North Borneo
State of North Borneo
1886 Sc22 SG22 1894 Sc59 SG66 1964 Sc1 SG408

The British North Borneo Co. ran the territory from 1881 until it became a colony in 1946. Labuan joined the new colony. In 1963, North Borneo, renamed Sabah, joined Singapore, Sarawak and Malaya to form the Federation of Malasia.

In 1886, stamps inscribed British North Borneo were issued and this change is noted in Scott and in the FICC catalogue as #235. In1892, the inscription changed to State of North Borneo.

Japanese Occupation
1942 Sc-N1 SG-J1


Japanese forces invaded North Borneo in December 1941 and by January 1942 occupied the whole territory. North Borneo stamps, overprinted in violet or black, followed by dedicated issues were made for North Borneo and also used in Brunei, Sarawak and later Labuan.

Sources: ScS, SGP1, SGS.

Image from David Olson, colnect, Delcampe, ebay.

FI ref: 214, 235, 680 Page credit: NB

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