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26th October 1976

Africa 44

  #1-4 xxx

perf 12x12½, litho
Printed by the South African Govt. Printer, Pretoria.

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
4 cents multi   1 18      
10c multi   2 19      
15c multi   3 20      
20c multi   4 21      

In the late 1800s, this area came under British colonial rule but the Native Land Act on 1913 stated that it should be reserved for "black ownership and occupation" [1]. South Africa granted internal self-government in 1963 and in 1976 it became the Republic of Transkei, the first of the "black homelands". The homelands were reincorporated into South Africa on 27 April 1994, after the first post-apartheid elections.

Two sets of stamps were issued on 26th October 1976 and Scott [2] and Gibbons [1] treat them differently. There is a set of four stamps marking independence which Scott lists first (Sc1-4, SG18-21) and a set of 17 (1976-80, Sc5-21, SG1-17 with perf variants) depicting "Transkei scenes and occupations" [1] that Scott lists second. Gibbons reverses these.

Sources: ScS [2], SGP14 [1].

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