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United Nations, Geneva

4th October 1969

- see also New York, Vienna

United Nations 2

UN Geneva 1 to 14
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various perfs, printing methods and printers

Description Date Scott SG Mi Y&T  
5 centimes purple and multi   1 G1      
10c salmon and multi   2 G2      
20c black and multi   3 G3      
30c dark blue and multi   4 G4      
40c olive and multi 1972 22 G5      
50c ultra and multi   5 G6      
60c dark brown, salmon and multi 1970 6 G7      
70c red, black and gold 1970 7 G8      
75c carmine-rose and multi   8 G9      
80c blue-green, red and yellow 1970 9 G10      
90c blue and multi 1970 10 G11      
1 franc light and dark green   11 G12      
2f blue and multi 1970 12 G13      
3f olive and multi   13 G14      
10f deep blue 1970 14 G15      

Date of issue, where other than 1969

Used for mail from the Palais des Nations, Geneva.

Sources: ScS, SGP22.

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