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World Firsts

Country Categories: Africa since independence - Asia - Caribbean - Central and North America - Europe - Middle East - Oceania - Plebiscites - South America

Colonies, States, Occupation, Offices etc.: Argentina - Austria - Belgium - China - Colombia - Denmark - Ecuador - Finland - France - Germany - Great Britain - Greece - Hungary - India - Italy - Japan - Lithuania - Malaya - Netherlands - Nicaragua - Peru - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Russia - Serbia - Spain - Switzerland - Turkey - US Entities - UN - Venezuela - World Firsts


This is something of a departure from the normal listings. In Journal v13n1, Tim Balm (FICC#91) published a long piece about the first occurrence of every Scott stamp type and I (webadmin, Nick Blackburn FICC#181) have approached the subject from a different angle, using the lists provided Mackay (JM1) and Wood (KW1) and posted here.

Some of these innovations have been mentioned on the detail pages, for example Victoria's first Registration stamp and Late Fee stamp and Italy's first airmail, first pneumatic post stamp and others.

The intention is (gradually and eventually) to gather them all on this page. More on stamp types here.

Main Stamp Categories
Type Sc SG Date Country Catalog Notes
Airmail C   1917 Italy Sc-C1 SG102  
Commemorative Sheet       Luxembourg Sc82a  
Late Fee I   1855 Victoria Sc-I1 SG33  
Miniature Sheet,
see Commemorative Sheet
Newspaper P N 1851 Austria Sc-P1 SG-N11b  
Official O O 1854 Spain Sc-O1 SG-O46 GB 1840 not issued
Parcel Post Q P 1884 Italy Sc-Q1 SG-P38  
Pneumatic D PE 1913 Italy Sc-D1 SG-PE96  
Post Due J D   Netherlands Indies   or France
Registration F   1854 Victoria Sc-F1 SG34  
Stamp Booklets   SB 1895 Luxembourg SG-SB1  

Obscure Stamp Categories
Type Date Country Catalog Notes
Floating Safe 1921 Netherlands
Netherlands Indies
Sc-GY1 SG-M238
Sc-GY1 SG-M257
Stereoscopic 1956 Italy Sc718-19 SG940-41  


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